Artificial Insemination Training

It is necessary to cover bovine animal population of the state under Artificial Insemination for the sake of genetic upgradation with high pedigreed sires. To fulfill this requirement, a scheme for preparing private Artificial Insemination workers is being implemented by Gujarat Livestock Development Board under NPCBB II. Training for Artificial Insemination is given at State Frozen Semen Production and Training Institute - Patan and technical training institute – Morbi.

Artificial Insemination training includes theoretical training of one month duration and practical training of two months duration. The curriculum of classroom training includes following points-

  • Breeding system &its importance
  • Selection of bull
  • Different breeds of cattle and buffaloes in Gujrat state
  • Anatomy and physiology of female reproductive organs
  • Anatomy and physiology of male reproductive organs
  • Pure breeding and Crossbreeding
  • Merits of Artificial Insemination
  • History of Artificial Insemination
  • Semen collection method
  • Feeding of animals and its importance in Breeding
  • Season wise fodder and gauchar feeds
  • Methods of preservation of green fodder and dry fodder
  • Poisonous elements of fodder and care in feeding of animals
  • Management of calf and heifer
  • Management of milch animals
  • Housing of animals and sanitation
  • Methods of restraining animals
  • Field reproductive problems and solutions
  • Infectious diseases of animals
  • Visit to Veterinary dispensary and Veterinary Polyclinic - practical demonstration of Artificial Insemination equipments - record keeping
  • Introduction of Artificial Insemination equipments and care while handling
  • Demonstration of semen collection equipment morphology of spermatozoa
  • Oestrus cycle and its importance in breeding system
  • Vaccination schedule – maintenance of vaccine
  • Central Herd Registration Scheme
  • Importance of water and watering system
  • Symptoms of heat, heat period and the time of insemination
  • Abortion in animals and its zoonotic importance
  • Maintenance of breeding efficiency in summer
  • Role of minerals in reproduction
  • Rectal examination of animals for pregnancy diagnosis
  • Practical demonstration on thawing, AI gun preparation
  • Suggestion for profitable Animal Husbandry
  • Clean milk production
  • Pregnancy diagnosis and care to be taken at various stages of pregnancy
  • Role of Gopalmitra in progress of rural economy
  • Field reproductive problems and care to be taken
  • Visit to Panjarapole – demonstration of dead female reproductive organs – managemental aspect
  • Visit to Gaushala
  • Laws pertaining to Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  • Zoonotic diseases of animals
  • LN2 container morphology and maintenance of LN2 container
  • Record keeping, register maintenance – monthly reporting
  • Infertility and sterility
  • Role of Gopalmitra in epidemic of disease
  • Disaster management
  • Various scheme of GLDB and Its implementation

Eligibility criteria

The minimum qualifications for private Artificial Insemination worker (Gopalmitra) required are:

  • Age of the candidate must be between 18 to 35 years.
  • The minimum educational qualification is standard 10 pass.
  • Candidate must be native of local village. He will have to produce required documents like Voter ID card, Ration card, Driving License etc. as a proof for local residency.
  • The candidate has to submit certificate from Sarpanch or Talati regarding his acceptance in the village for this work.
  • Gopalmitra are selected for providing self employment. The sustenance allowance is paid initially. The candidate is supposed to be self sustained during this period.
  • The selection as a private Artificial Insemination worker is for self employment only. Which is not a government job.
  • For Gopalmitra to be self employed, Gujarat Livestock Development Board extends all related guidance and help like training, equipments, supply of FSDs, LN2 and stationary.


Presently, 635 private Artificial Insemination centers (Gopalmitra centers) are active in the state. The candidates have been trained by training centers under GLDB.

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